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About Us
Leaders in the international funeral sector
Innovators in funeral services of foresight and immediate need
Visionaries in the business concept
Development with cutting-edge technology

· Insurance company

· Financial sector

· Credit card

· Support Company

· Corporations

· Cooperatives

· Associations

· Retirement funds

· Funeral companies

· Massive channels


· Legal procedures and transfers for repatriation to the country requested by a holder or dependent.

· Provide a linear cutting chest with characteristics required for repatriation.

· All repatriation costs including air transportation to the country requested by the relatives.

· In case of not being repatriated, the cremation service will be provided only and exclusively.

What do we offer?

– International funeral assistance plans.

– Corporate for private and public companies, banks, etc.

– Worldwide body transfers.

– Repatriation and expatriation services for funeral companies.

– Value added for mass channels.

Funeral Assistance

· Necessary legal procedures for burial or cremation before the competent authorities.

· Transfers to the funeral parlors and the cemetery park in the city of destination.

· Thanatopraxy service.

· Providing the client or beneficiary with a linear cut coffin.

· Use of the Funeral Rooms for up to (24) hours in the required city.

· Decoration of the Funeral Room, with their respective floral arrangements.

· Celebration of the religious service.

· Delivery of memorial book.

· Burial or cremation service.

· Ashes in case of cremation.

Funeral Assistance

· Individual plans

· Family Plans

· Corporate plans

· Group plans

· Massive plans

· National and international

· Repatriation and expatriation